I’m working on storyboards for Tar of Zandoria, and by serendipity discovered that the business card that I was using as a template to draw rectangles in my sketchbook  is the correct aspect ratio for 16:9!

I just grabbed it because it was handy, and a good size for me. But it seems so obvious and simple–and readily available–you can draw storyboards anywhere! I don’t recall anyone ever sharing this as a tip before–so here it is 😉


Animation:Master tutorial/demo videos from Siggraph a few years back… I used to have these things for sale on Cafepress, but I decided to re-encode them to h.264 AAC and upload to my YouTube channel.

There will be about 6 hours worth of videos, after I get it all uploaded! This gives me a chance to work-out some technical issues about online video, and a reason to visit my channel. The 10 minute time limit on videos on YouTube have me thinking that that will become a new standard length for episodes…So maybe Tar of Zandoria will work in 10 minute chapters?

visit the channel link above to check-out the videos (really only of interest to Animation:Master users), I don’t see the point of embedding them all here…Here is a link for the playlists:

Smartskin and CP Weighting

UV Layout and Decaling

Tar: miscellaneous sketches…

The newest incartnation of Tar is a little tubbier than my airbrushed version… I think that it fits the hippo better.

A few more sketches of the dancing girl…. The elephant’s name is “Tusk” (more designs to follow).

At the waterhole (bar), there needs to be some suitable anthropomorphic “extras”:

And here is a little bit more cartoony Ninja Hyena. It seems to me that The more I push the direction to be more stylized, the better it works–what do you think?

Stone Monkey

The stone monkey is an animated “sphinx-like” golem controlled by the evil wizard. Tar encounters him in the ancient necropolis…

This demon is conjured up by that evil monkey wizard!