Zandoria Studios creates Art, Animation, Illustration, Comics, 3D Modeling and Digital Sculpture.

I’ve been creating digital character animation as Zandoria Studios since 1999 using a software called Animation:Master.  Before that my background was in traditional art–Drawing, painting, sculpture and airbrush illustration before getting my first computer and being introduced to digital art and animation.


Today my characters start out as digital sculptures in ZBrush. They can be posed and exported from there to be 3D printed as figurines or miniatures. I can also create textured and rigged animation-ready characters  in industry-standard formats.


Whether you need characters for board games or video games, Zandoria Studios can help bring your dream to life!


The figure is exactly as I intended and paints up very nicely.  Is it ok if I give your shapeways shop details to anyone who is interested in ordering these figures?

Thanks again for a fantastic job!

Nick Huband

Grandmaster looks awesome, and so do all the other wizards. Great work Will, you listened to our needs and expressed them extremely well.

Thank you again.
Victor Starostenko
Autodesk, Inc.

Victor Starostenko

You should feel free to use me as a reference, because I couldn’t say enough good things about my experience!

Cliff Roesler
Angle Advisors

Cliff Roesler

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