I’ve been an artist most of my life–starting with a correspondence course from Art Instruction Schools, then continuing to learn on my own.  First drawing, painting,sculpture, then airbrush illustration and comics before getting my first computer and being introduced to digital art, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and animation.

I was a Designer and Creative Director at SMP Instore Marketing solutions for 15 years. I developed award winning displays for Jelly Belly Candy, Mizuno USA, Keebler, Lance, Sanford Uniball, Anheuser-Busch, Frito-Lay and Pepsico, to name a few…

I’ve been creating computer animation as Zandoria Studios™ using Animation:Master software since 1999.  I am well known on the A:M forums, part of a group of expert users that Martin Hash (the creator of the software) affectionately calls the “Hash Fellows”.
In 2004 I used A:M to create visual effects for a Hollywood movie—Bryan Michael Stoller’s film “Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls”.

I have been developing 3dprintable miniatures and figurines for the past few years. I am very passionate about 3dprinting and the freedom it gives to turn an idea into a physical object, without the costs of tooling or minimum production quantities.

I have a fascination with sculpting for 3Dprinting, with the ability to digitally zoom in and craft the details as small as the scales on the armor, and see it reproduced in a physical piece. It amazes me. It blows my mind—to take just the idea, and create it, and be able to pick it up and hold it in my hand. It gives me joy to be able to hand it to someone and say, “I made this!” 😎

Miniatures for Play or Display

If you have an idea that you need help bringing to life, I would love to help you!

Contact me:
Will Sutton
Zandoria Studios™
8228 Witherow Way
Ooltewah, TN 37363