The following images are recent works. The farther down you scroll the older the projects…. My sculptures are created with digital sculpting, then 3Dprinted in resin. If you would like to own one of them, they are available in different scales on my Etsy shop. If you happen to be a 3Dprinting enthusiast, you can have access to the STL files to print them yourself on my Patreon!

Before I started 3Dprinting miniatures, I designed some 3Dprintable terrain for Tabletop games. I created a connection like a jigsaw puzzle to attach them…

My comic book series, The Scroll of TAR is a project that is ongoing, so it is a little out of order… This book is drawn on my iPad with an Apple Pencil and the Procreate app. If you would like to see more of the process, you can follow along on my Patreon. If you would like to read the published book, it is on Kindle and ComiXology.

Before I decided to write a graphic novel, I imagined the story of TAR as a series of animated shorts. It turns out that is a lot for a solo artist to undertake….

Before I started pursuing art full time, I used to design point-of-purchase displays. I did this for many years for SMP Display & Design Group, and afterwards did freelance design for a few years.

There is more to add….