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Animation:Master tutorial/demo videos from Siggraph a few years back… I used to have these things for sale on Cafepress, but I decided to re-encode them to h.264 AAC and upload to my YouTube channel.

There will be about 6 hours worth of videos, after I get it all uploaded! This gives me a chance to work-out some technical issues about online video, and a reason to visit my channel. The 10 minute time limit on videos on YouTube have me thinking that that will become a new standard length for episodes…So maybe Tar of Zandoria will work in 10 minute chapters?

visit the channel link above to check-out the videos (really only of interest to Animation:Master users), I don’t see the point of embedding them all here…Here is a link for the playlists:

Smartskin and CP Weighting

UV Layout and Decaling

Tar: miscellaneous sketches…

The newest incartnation of Tar is a little tubbier than my airbrushed version… I think that it fits the hippo better.

A few more sketches of the dancing girl…. The elephant’s name is “Tusk” (more designs to follow).

At the waterhole (bar), there needs to be some suitable anthropomorphic “extras”:

And here is a little bit more cartoony Ninja Hyena. It seems to me that The more I push the direction to be more stylized, the better it works–what do you think?

Stone Monkey

The stone monkey is an animated “sphinx-like” golem controlled by the evil wizard. Tar encounters him in the ancient necropolis…

This demon is conjured up by that evil monkey wizard!

Monkey Wizard

This ancient chimp…an evil necromancer, has kidnapped the troupe of dancing girls. He plans to sacrifice them to the fiendish appetites of his dark gods, for tutelage in the black arts. Bad monkey!


In this first story, TAR is coming out of the desert and is ambushed by some bandits. The hyenas have already overcome a caravan headed for the oasis of Lund, and Tar will encounter those survivors right after he deals with these guys….

Update: Some more hyenas: Ninja Hyenas!


The lastest version of the story of Tar features anthropomorphic animals instead of people. I decided that some of the female characters would be birds…
in this episode that I’m working on, there is a troup of dancing girls. I’m picturing belly dancer ostriches 🙂

More A:M to Zbrush experiments…

Doing a little more experiments from Animation:Master to Zbrush. This time exporting a model from an Action as an .obj.
I got holes from the 5point patches and hooks, so I  re-splined those areas and re-exported until I worked out the simplest way to model for export. This would be an easy way to detail an animation model that you want to have printed as a sculpture.

Hooved monster

Death Dealer Axe

Still learning to use Zbrush…. One of the things that has me stumped is a good way to make geometry within Zbrush if it needs to be sharp or mechanical.
For example, this Death Dealer axe.

Polygon meshes that I export from Rhino seem to always explode when I subdivide them in Zbrush (even after “creasing” them). But a simple spline mesh in Animation:Master imports perfectly and subdivides just I wanted.
This should save me some time–I can just save as .ZTL to use with a sculpture later (with a little detailing)