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More A:M to Zbrush experiments…

Doing a little more experiments from Animation:Master to Zbrush. This time exporting a model from an Action as an .obj.
I got holes from the 5point patches and hooks, so I  re-splined those areas and re-exported until I worked out the simplest way to model for export. This would be an easy way to detail an animation model that you want to have printed as a sculpture.

Hooved monster

Death Dealer Axe

Still learning to use Zbrush…. One of the things that has me stumped is a good way to make geometry within Zbrush if it needs to be sharp or mechanical.
For example, this Death Dealer axe.

Polygon meshes that I export from Rhino seem to always explode when I subdivide them in Zbrush (even after “creasing” them). But a simple spline mesh in Animation:Master imports perfectly and subdivides just I wanted.
This should save me some time–I can just save as .ZTL to use with a sculpture later (with a little detailing)

redmonster zbrush practice…

I was just doing some zbrush practice…started with this redmonster .ztl and sculpted it into a version of Tar, my hippo/barbarian:
Then I decimated it and rendered in Vray:



zOMFG is a new service from that will make 3D prints from Zbrush models, and even paint them.
I talked with the owner, and I think that I will be able to offer on-demand collectibles from my digital models later this year!
The technology is going to completely change the way this things are done. No longer will I have to invest several hundred dollars in materials to be able to traditionally mold and cast a sculpture. In fact, this will mean that I will be able to offer practically ANYTHING that I design as a collectible figure!
Below are some examples (not my art) of Ownage’s work: