Tar walking out of the desert (finally). I’m happy that I’m finally getting some work done. I had to replace my laptop, which meant that I had to switch to Windows7–that has been a pain, because of having to update a lot of software to be compatible. I had to upgrade Animation:Master to version 16 64bit–which made me a little nervous to switch versions in the middle of a project. But everything seems to be working ok.

One of the things that I was trying here was compositing everything directly within the render. but I’m going to switch back to rendering everything as separate passes, just for the ease of fixing things or making changes without having to rerender the whole shot.


  1. Hey Mr. Sutton. I noticed your post on the Hash forum. I feel your plight about wanting to quit your job and work on your movie. And while I don’t recommend outright quitting your job I do think you could make a living off your series.

    I hope the below information helps you to get your cartoon made.
    Each link below is to an artist who has made their own cartoon movie, yup full length movie. Some of them are on their second and turn out 10 minutes a month. I think if you were to streamline your work you may be able to accomplish that yourself.

    Here are the links.

    I hope this helps and I hope your bring your work to life. It looks incredible. So don’t give up.


  2. This is very inspiring. I recently returned to AM; I’m rekh on the AM boards, and I’m having a ball learning the program.

    Tar is exactly the kind of project I will one day like to do. For me, modeling is the most fun part of learning AM.

    How can I make environments like you? That terrain is awesome. And Tar is the business!


      1. I only have one problem with Hash and it is the modeling aspect of the program. It is horrible. I hate patches, it takes to long. If it could migrate with other programs Hash would be a no brainer and the speed of creation for me would be immense. I guess you can’t have all the things you want, but definatelly the easiest to learn and has power.


  3. How would I go about doing that? Is there a tutorial explaining this? Seems like a superior method for creating environments. I’m thinking in terms render time this is the way to go. Especially since the terrain wizard is not working(mac platform).


      1. Did the ‘add image as a rotoscope’ thing. Ran into two problems. First the ground plane would cut off the bottom part of the image. Then I had the bright idea to make the ground transparent. The entire image rendered. Then comes problem two. Objects don’t cast a shadow. When Tar walks across the desert image in your scene, he casts a shadow. I added a prop to the scene, and it doesn’t cast a shadow.
        I didn’t delete the ground, because it seems that I need the ground to have the character to interact(caste a shadow) with.


      2. Set the ground planes (and any other object that you want to be affected) properties FRONT PROJECTION TARGET to “ON”.
        It is a pretty basic technique– try searching those terms on the forum to find a tutorial. Also page 115 in the Technical Reference.


  4. Thank you very much for your time and patience. Did a search using the terms you suggest and – bang. That pointed me in the right direction.

    Thanks big time!


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