Here are storyboards for the opening scene of Tar of Zandoria. After the opening title, the scene opens  with a hand-drawn map of the world, zooming in on an area west of the oasis, tiny vultures are spinning over that spot on the map (this is the establishing shot “where are we”)–I point this out because the drawings are really just for me, so it might not be clear what things are….


  1. I like the sword reveal too.

    That fight scene will be hard to choreograph.

    The problem with sword fights in live action movies is they always look like they are trying to miss. Which of course they are.


    1. I’m using what I learned in Aikido: a commited attack (intending to really hit), and Tar just not being there when the cut comes down. Actually, the beats in shot 10 choreographed pretty easily–but will have to be pretty snappy to not look staged….I’m hoping for the super fast fight like you see in a samurai movie like “Lone Wolf & Cub”.

      Will Sent from my iPhone


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