zOMFG is a new service from www.ownage.com that will make 3D prints from Zbrush models, and even paint them.
I talked with the owner, and I think that I will be able to offer on-demand collectibles from my digital models later this year!
The technology is going to completely change the way this things are done. No longer will I have to invest several hundred dollars in materials to be able to traditionally mold and cast a sculpture. In fact, this will mean that I will be able to offer practically ANYTHING that I design as a collectible figure!
Below are some examples (not my art) of Ownage’s work:



    1. I may do that! I have played around with an A:M to Zbrush work-flow. (I am planning on posting a tutorial for that…) You can pretty easily use your models bumpmap as an alphamask, then inflate slightly to turn that bump into real surface detail.


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