Gothic_2x2_Corner by Kevinrau (Thingiverse)

To help the PuzzleLock Dungeon concept spread and catch on, I have created a set of Boolean tools that can be used to turn any terrain into PuzzleLock Compatible Tiles. Booleans are like cookie cutters for digital models–When set to subtract, they cut away parts of the model and when set to add, they add to the model.

In this first picture is a Gothic_2x2_Corner by designer Kevinrau on Thingiverse. I have imported this .stl file as well as the PuzzleLock 4_4-way.stl and 4_4-way_Boolean.stl into ZBrush. I will use the “Live Boolean” function to preview how the files combine.


Once you have all of the files aligned, you must check the proper toggle in the subtool palette depending on whether you want to add or subtract from the main geometry:


After you set the boolean options, toggle the LIVE BOOLEAN button to see how the pieces combine. You can use the move and scale tools to nudge the tile (in this case, the tile was a tad bigger than 2″ x 2″, so I had to scale it down a tiny bit…)


Once the preview looks good, use Make Boolean Mesh to generate a new model that is PuzzleLock compatible!

Catan_Brick_Tile.stl by Trevorclarke (Thingiverse)

Here is another example of a game piece for the board game Catan. I have imported this .stl file as well as the PuzzleLock 6_6-way.stl and 6_6-way_Boolean.stl


Once the tiles are aligned like you want, toggle the correct boolean options in the subtool palette.


Once you are happy with the “Live Boolean” preview, you can go to “Make Boolean mesh” in the subtool palette to create a new PuzzleLock compatible tile!