This was one of my first animation projects, creating CGI animation for Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls, directed by Bryan Michael Stoller. I modeled and animated Noah’s Ark, the “Jurassic Pork” swinosaurus, and Mr. Dodo as well as the UFO sequence. and also rendered and composited all of those shots.

Every thing was modeled in Animation:Master and composited in After Effects.


It all started when Bryan emailed me asking if I could animate a 10 second clip of a “T-Rex crossed with a pig” for a Jurassic Pork parody.  I said, “sure!” and the rest followed.

I ended up working on something like 60 shots for the movie, so I got a lot of experience out of it. Though the biggest lesson that I learned was some Hollywood accounting thing called “deferred payment”–which really means you will never see the rest of the money we promised… Which means that the VFX budget for this movie was essentially $8,000!

The movie is pretty inane, and got some really harsh reviews. Though it has gotten bumped from IMDB’s worse 100 movies, by things like “Gigli” and “The Emoji Movie”–So it isn’t that bad.

If you would like to watch it, come on over and I will show it to you! Or you can pick it up on Amazon.







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