Victory at Ninja Pass


Just finished this entry for the Hash Mascot contest for V18. I don’t know that a character has ever won twice–but I just think TAR is an awesome character, and deserves to be on the splash screen every time I boot up A:M!

The background is a quick digital painting in Photoshop (that is how all of the backgrounds for this series are going to be done). the textures are a mix between decals and DarkTrees.

I lit this with just klieg lights and a little global illumination, to try to get that feel that the battle happened in a narrow pass with just some narrow spots of direct light.


18″ x 24″ Poster



In the studio this morning..ready for the Muse. I just re read Stephen Pressfield’s “the WAR of ART” and I can’t recommend it enough–It is very inspiring. But remember the most important thing is to show up and work.

Pablo Picasso – “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”