TAR of Zandoria Kickstarter is LIVE!

My Kickstarter campaign is LIVE! Please check it out–and pledge your support! For only $1 you will have my gratitude and I will list you in the credits as a supporter.
Please pass it on and help me spread the word! The key to the success of this effort is letting people know about it!

I’m raising money to produce the first episode of this series. Please help bring TAR of Zandoria to life!

Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast

M Dot Strange recently interviewed me for the Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast. It is a show made by and for 3D animators who are making their own original films. We talked about how I got into animation, the TAR of Zandoria project, Animation:Master and other stuff….

Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment below, if there is anything that came up that you would like to talk more about.